IMPORTANT MESSAGE High Demand and Bookings Increasing - Failure to lodge certificate of barrier compliance by date specified up to $1,652.20


Victorian Pool Safety Services (VPSS) was established in Melbourne, Victoria to provide an end to end service with Pool Safety Assessments, Inspections, Compliance Certificates and Rectification Works to meet the needs of property owners to be compliant with the new Pool Safety laws introduced by the Victorian Government on the 1 st December 2019. Experts and are passionate about ensuring your swimming pool and/or spa is Registered, Compliant and Safe.

Have you registered your pool/Spa? Do you require a certificate of compliance?

Once your swimming pool or spa has been registered and you have received your notification from council confirming the build date, Please send it through and we take care of the rest!

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On average, four young children die in Victoria in home swimming pools or spas each year, and many more are taken to hospital for near-drownings. 

Failure to register swimming pool or spa within relevant timeframe up to $1,652.20

Failure to lodge certificate of barrier compliance by date specified up to $1,652.20

 Failure to lodge certificate of barrier non-compliance by date specified up to $1,652.20

Failure to comply with barrier improvement notice by date specified up to $1,652.20

Register - Inspect - Protect

We are an independent Victorian company that works with property owners and we have NO affiliation with locals councils.


coordination of new pool Barrier installation

"Thank you for everything, You have made my journey for me an easy one, I was so worried and concerned about the pool and new regulations" 

Decommissioning or removal of swimming pools and spas

If you no longer wish to use your pool or spa, and would like it removed from Council’s Swimming Pool and Spa Register, you will need to formally decommission it. 

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